Lisa’s Always Writing

Welcome to my new wonderful blog setup, I love it.


Short Stories

I am short, so I’m a big fan of the short stories. Some tales don’t need a lot of pages. In fact, the first story I wrote down was a short one. Warm Fuzzy Christmas was published in 2018 and kicked off a bunch of other short stories. The pictures for this section will be from my office unless I can take a picture that relates to the story.

About My Book

Yes indeed, I’m writing a book. Who isn’t these days? I quit my job in July 2018 to get my youngest off to college and write a book. It takes so much more research than I expected. See where I am in the journey to getting the book written. The pictures for this section will be my dog, Dagwood.


I’m always stitching on something. Lately, I have been either needlepointing or counted cross-stitching. I have several projects in process and I work on things in a rotation. Check in to see progress and the stories behind current projects.